The word “kiran” means “ray of light”. KIRAN Society has embodied this to become a ray of hope for children who are differently-abled and for children and youngsters who are from marginalized communities. The centre was founded in September 1990 by a small group of people from various social, cultural, and religious background. Since KIRAN’s inception, we are providing services through and inclusive, needs-based and holistic approach. We are continuously working with the idea of togetherness and enriching everyone’s talents and abilities.

In 1998, the KIRAN Centre shifted from Varanasi city to Madhopur village near the famous Sultankeshwar Temple located about 12 km south of Banares Hindu University, (BHU). Today KIRAN Society functions as a small village where children and youngsters with different abilities receive holistic treatment through education; skills and vocational training; and physical and medical rehabilitation, where inclusiveness gives happiness to all.

Most of the children and youngsters assisted at the centre suffer from the afflictions of polio, cerebral palsy, rickets and/or hearing impairments. Unfortunately such children suffer the fate of being hidden and kept at their homes, without access to education or rehabilitation ; while they all have the potential to lead normal lives. At KIRAN, we believe that family involvement is an essential part of the recovery process. Effort is made to remain in constant contact with the families of children and youngsters, discussing medical conditions, educational issues, as well as providing them counseling and support.